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We're Expanding October 2016!
For the last seven years we've provided a unique place, where creativity combined with life's sweetest treats for
entertaining education.  We've provided laughter and learning to over 20,000 children
and their families through our field trips, birthday parties, holiday events, and team building workshops -
all with a professional staff of certified and experienced teachers who have a passion for fun!
We've accomplished much in our small space, but things are about to get even better!

We're relocating (our events division only) into an entire city built for and run by kids called

A Little World for Big Thinkers

Imagi Nation is the Lehigh Valley's first educational entertainment experience of its kind,
designed for children ages 3-12 and located in the Dorneyville Shopping Center.  The 5,120 sq. ft. indoor
metropolis will provide over 40 different individual and group role play opportunities within these enterprises:

Post Office
Market/Cafe/Recycling Center
Manufacturing & Engineering Center
Health & Dental Center
Creation Station/Art Studio
Media Center (Newspaper, Radio & TV)
Fire & Police Station
Scoopendorf's Ice Cream Flavor Lab

Moving to this venue will allow us to broaden our educational programming beyond ice cream, into an integrated
city!  Kids will have an opportunity to fully engage in the "world of work" as they perform jobs for Biznis Bucks and
then make decisions about how to spend, save or donate them.  They'll also learn how products move through the
life cycle of invention to consumption by actually playing a role in the process.  In addition to the critical social skills
development that have always been on our agenda, we're now able to introduce additional concepts such as
financial literacy and entrepreneurship from preschool through middle school!

The most exciting news is that you can now visit and play any day of the week!

But what about the ice cream?
We're making it even better!

Ice cream sundaes are terrific, but at Scoopendorf's Ice Cream Flavor Lab, kids and adults will be able to
experiment with flavorings and create their very own base flavor before adding choices of mix-ins and swirl-ins!  Of
course because a whole city awaits, you can head over to the Creation Station and customize a label for your new
flavor, or even stop by the Media Center to tape a promotional commercial!

It's really all up to you; all that's required is a little

Check out the Imagi Nation website for our new birthday party and field trip options
available beginning October!
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